NXT Robotics is a San Diego-based company that provides service robots to support increased security monitoring and alerting requirements. The company’s innovative autonomous platforms deliver security-related services to customers while meeting their performance and cost expectations for indoor and outdoor applications.

NXT Robotics has also developed a new video analytic that detects handguns in use with real-time streaming video feeds or with pre-recorded videos. This is a major advancement for the security world because it can also be thought of as an AI-based silent alarm that constantly watches for these events. NXT Robotics has already raised $1 million and is looking to raise an additional $4 million.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are becoming an increasingly popular choice for organizations that need to scale their operations while lowering costs and ensuring consistent and high-quality results.

NXT Robotics delivers autonomous solutions that perform work for extended periods of time (8+ hours). This means that at least a half-day of unsupervised work can be accomplished for a fixed cost. This represents a new and significant change in budgetary planning for security operations.

Our Story

NXT Robotics is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Jeff Debrosse. Following his successful tenures at firms such as Websense (later Facepoint), Tarari (an Intel hardware spin-off), and ESET, LLC, Debrosse felt the time was right for a new kind of robot; one with intelligence, learning capacity, and the ability to work autonomously in public environments. His first two creations certainly fit the bill: Iris, a friendly, helpful robot concierge with applications in hospitality, tourism, and healthcare – to name just a few; and Scorpion, the world’s first intelligent, fully autonomous, weatherproof, all-terrain security robot.

A veteran of the Marine Corps and consultant to law enforcement, Debrosse immediately understood that, with Scorpion, he could deliver a solution to the challenges faced by outdoor security providers – inclement weather, dangerous environments, and potential loss of alertness due to repetitive activity. He was especially intent on ensuring that robot would augment, rather than replace, the services provided by onsite security personnel. With Scorpion to take on the inherent risks of security patrols, security personnel could focus more on overseeing the activity, interpreting results, and making judgment calls. A true partnership of human and machine.

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