NXT creates unmanned ground vehicles for outdoor and indoor security operations. The outdoor security robot, Scorpion is built on the world’s most rugged ground security platform can be deployed in deserts, tropical or cold environments. Armed with a robust sensor package and 4 cameras including night vision and thermal, Scorpion is an autonomous security robot that provides round the clock coverage.

At NXT we take security seriously and have designed the platform including both hardware and software to be secure by design from both cyber and physical threats. The platform features our proprietary NXT OS an advanced operating system that controls all robotic functions and also incorporates the sensors, cameras and communications.

Outdoor Security Services

Scorpion’s rugged, weatherproof, all-terrain design makes it the only choice to perform autonomous security in outdoor environments. Only Scorpion has the ability to take maneuver through all types of topography – dirt, gravel, sand, mud – and in inclement weather conditions.

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Scorpion 2, is easily controlled via a mobile client or web interface. The sentry function is performed via user-defined routes and schedules. Optionally, each Scorpion 2 can be automatically dispatched from NXT Robotics’ INSIGHT™ for maximum operational flexibility and convenience.

Mobile robotics have a pivotal role in the security of our borders, military facilities, and even power plants. Scorpion 2 is a popular choice for organizations that need to scale their operations while lowering costs and ensuring the consistency and quality of the results.

Indoor Security Services

Your organization’s security-related tasks are now able to be efficiently scheduled and completed – with full reporting and the ability to adjust scheduled jobs/tasks based on organizational requirements.Our patent-pending mobile security platform (IRIS) is an intelligent and automated solution.

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That enables cost-effective and efficient operations of security monitoring and reporting services.

In cases where specific monitoring is desired, the IRIS platforms can be dispatched to automatically relocate themselves to locations that have higher security monitoring requirements.

IRIS platforms perform autonomous route navigation, monitoring and reporting based on organizational security requirements. Autonomous (self-directed) navigation with collision detection, return-to-home and roam capabilities for easy management

Includes power options for peripherals such as lighting, wireless security cameras or any other peripherals that may need 5-24v (DC) and optionally up to 120v (AC).

If you are interested in our indoor services please do not hesitate to connect with us.

Monitoring and Video Analytics

Scorpion’s onboard array of sensors, cameras, and other detective devices provide a plethora of data points and observations. Its onboard analytics capabilities provide real-time assessments and can alert its controllers to numerous potential situations.

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NXT Robotics is pleased to offer both a traditional SOC as well as a mobile SOC.