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NXT Robotics is a leader in the automated security sector

NXT Robotics Corp. (“NXT Robotics”) is a leader in the automated security sector focused on connecting our proprietary software platforms to a variety of robotic devices. NXT Robotics mobile observation systems can plug into your existing security services (guards, static cameras, etc.) to successfully combine onsite, remote, and robotic surveillance.


NXT Robotics’ first go-to market product, our mobile surveillance unit, is designed for a variety of outdoor environments. This autonomous robotic device is rugged enough to remain active in extreme weather like pouring rain, freezing cold, and blaring heat. The robot can navigate the complexities of changing ground cover, unexpected obstacles, and other moving objects (cars, people, animals).

Reliable and cost-effective, our mobile unit features:

  • Responsive four-camera system
  • Recording and broadcasting capabilities
  • Two- way interactive audio system
  • Heat detection camera to detect people, vehicles, and equipment (optional)
  • Safety lights for visibility and safety presence
  • License Plate Recognition with white/black listing
  • People and posture detection

We designed our Observe & Alert system to proactively detect and prioritize security and safety issues in your office, parking garage, job site, campus, or community. The mobile unit will detect, record, and broadcast threats directly to you or your existing security service.

Reliable, unbiased, and largely undetected, the Observe & Alert mobile unit provides you with an ongoing review of your property at a fraction of the cost. More importantly, the mobile unit gives you an early warning detection to avoid catastrophic issues like theft, fire, and destruction of property.

Video, image capture, and data readouts will also give you the necessary ongoing intelligence to analyze your organization’s safety and security posture unavailable through traditional static security devices like stationary cameras and fixed motion detectors.

Beyond Security and Safety
Mitigate the risk to your business, property, and work sites through the NXT Robotics Robotogo Engine and Platform. Robotogo is the “brain” of our system and can integrate with off-the-shelf robots. Once these pre-existing robots are paired with Robotogo Engine and Platform, you will be maximizing the physical possibilities of the robot with the intelligent analysis only available with our software platform.

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NXT Employing AI Technology to Manage Autonomous Security Activities

Includes Navigation, Surveillance, Situational Awareness, Threat Detection/Tracking



Navigation is a core capability of our security robots. Without navigation, the machine can’t provide responsive monitoring. Your robot will be able to navigate through complex environments with shifting terrain. Parking lots, store interiors, and office spaces are generally square in nature. The NXT robots easily navigate through these traditional locations. Construction sites and outdoor parks, however, require a higher level of navigation skill. NXT robots have that skill. Your robot will be able to easily navigate over sand, grass, dirt, and gravel.

In a retail store or product warehouse, newly delivered goods arriving as old merchandise is cleared. On a construction site, a cleared space today is a pile of 2x4s tomorrow. The NXT robot will be able to adjust to its environment daily, maintaining surveillance regardless of new and unexpected obstacles. Nearly no environment is static; a vehicle can suddenly block an entrance, or a vandal can disrupt a palette of goods. What good is robot surveillance without the ability to navigate through unexpected obstacles? Our AI platform gives the robot the ability to adapt its pathways, ensuring uninterrupted review and feedback about your business environment.


Mounted cameras and motion detection have limitations. CCTV is a great resource, but often only in helping to broadly define what happened in the middle of the night. NXT robots provide on-going surveillance from an endless stream of viewpoints. With autonomous, free moving NXT robots, you have nearly no blind spots inside your business. Blurry, distant images become clear, up-close images valuable in detecting criminals. Once alerted of problems, human controllers can move the NXT robot into the right place to determine the exact nature of problems or concerns. Moreover, controllers can broadcast messages, communicate with anyone on site, and send security or police for immediate action. NXT robots don’t just provide a simple view inside your business, but provide a method to interrupt and deter criminal activity.

Situational Awareness

As human beings, we have an innate ability to sense when something is wrong — when a car is in the wrong place, when silence is broken by shattering glass, when a dark room goes light at 2 am. NXT robots are able to maintain an awareness of the status-quo, and they can fast-track unusual circumstances for immediate attention.

Situational awareness reduces the frequency of costly false alarms. For example, if you have a manned patrol car pass through your construction site twice per night, your NXT robot will be able to distinguish that car from an intruder’s vehicle. The faint sound of a barking dog will not register as an unusual sound from inside your business. NXT robots can distinguish with 99.9% accuracy the likelihood of an unusual activity that’s pertinent to your security needs.

Threat Detection

A squatter can invade your parking garage, a vandal can deface your construction zone, and a thief can break into your store. A simple B&E (break-and-enter) can quickly escalate into theft, fire, or act of violence against an employee. NXT robots help detect threats early to prevent them from becoming costly, regrettable liabilities. Your NXT robot has the eyes and ears to process environmental activity and determine the likelihood of impending problems. Keep in mind, intruders can avoid traditional surveillance by lurking in the dark corners of your business. With NXT robot, there are no dark corners; potential threats can be tracked, lit, and photographed.

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NXT Robotics Corp. recently launched “Maverick,” its Generation 5 autonomous vehicle and cognitive software platform.

The baseline model of Maverick is equipped with four high resolution PTX security cameras that can be used to conduct artificial intelligence (AI) based analysis of a physical environment, along with license plate detection and facial and object recognition.

Maverick can also open a two-way audio stream, allowing the robot to communicate with people it encounters along its patrol routes, which are largely autonomous. The audio system can also stream pre-recorded messages and noises in response to particular situations it encounters.

Maverick uses NXT Robotics’ cognitive-AI platform, which facilitates rapid customization of Maverick’s baseline model, allowing customers to rapidly add new features and functions to robot’s original mission set.

“Maverick is an example of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) with a mission to provide advanced physical outdoor security patrol in places like Data Centers, Construction Sites, Parking Complexes and Detention Facilities,” says Darin Andersen, CEO and cofounder at NXT Robotics Corp.

“UGVs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies that want to scale manual operations using automation technologies as means to lower costs while enhancing the quality of operations.”

According to NXT Robotics, the launch of Maverick supports a partnership between NXT Robotics and Ricoh USA Inc., a Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company that has a large robotics service deployment and service division.

“We’re committed to helping companies like NXT address their customers’ needs, by providing the highest level of service on their robots and helping ensure that their customers realize maximum uptime for their technology investment,” says Dale Walsh, director of Innovation for Ricoh Service Advantage.

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NXT Robotics Corp. Released Maverick, the 5th Generation UGV and Platform

NXT Robotics Corp., one of the leading software solution company, recently launched Maverick, a 5th generation autonomous vehicle, and cognitive software platform.  Maverick uses the NXT Robotics’ cognitive –AI platform and can undergo a lot of customizations to cater to a range of functions that customers might want.  

Maverick is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). The primary purposes that it looks to serve include advanced outdoor physical activities related to security. It can function as a patrol vehicle at places like data centers, parking lots, construction sites, and detention facilities. It includes high-resolution security cameras which aid in the AI-based analysis that it is supposed to carry out. With the available features, it can detect and scrutinize license plates, facial expressions, and objects. It also can conduct audio based conversations with people and stream noises in response to particular situations, some of which, are pre-recorded.

UGVs are finding an increased number of applications and takers as many sectors look towards robotics to optimize tasks as well as to automate processes to reduce burdens. Robots have many advantages over their human counterparts in certain situations, which are ensuring their acceptance. The ability to carry out monitoring and detections with high precision makes the product particularly valuable from a security point of view. The lowering of costs is an added advantage.

The company NXT Robotics Corp. is located in San Diego and provides robotic security solutions. The service robots they manufacture help to support the security infrastructure and alert systems. Its products and services are of high performance and ensure a cost-effective solution for indoor as well as outdoor applications, and are available on a subscription basis as well as for purchase. The platform is secure by design and protects against both physical and cyber risks.

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NXT Robotics Announces Service Partnership with Ricoh

“This arrangement allows us to service our customers
on a round-the-clock basis and continue to grow our business”

SAN DIEGO – Reflecting a growing global demand for industrial robots, NXT Robotics, an emerging security robotics firm, has announced an on-site service partnership with Ricoh USA Inc. This partnership leverages the RICOH Service Advantage program and utilizes Ricoh’s vast global network of repair and service specialists.

RICOH Service Advantage offers businesses access to Ricoh’s global network of highly skilled and certified services employees. It empowers businesses to work smarter by capitalizing on business growth opportunities, driving new revenues and profits, and delivering consistent customer experiences by providing these qualified resources as an extension of customers’ operations teams.

With NXT, Service Advantage will bring the highest levels of expertise for its AI-driven software operating systems that keep the robots operating at full capacity at outsource locales throughout the United States.

“As we add more security robots to our fleet and accelerate the rollout of our Cognitive Robotics Platform to customers,” said NXT Robotics CEO/Co-founder Darin Andersen, “our partnership with Ricoh allows us to provide service on a round-the-clock basis throughout the globe, expanding our footprint and business.”

Added Andersen: “Now, whenever we have an urgent need for on-site repairs, service and/or replacement parts, we’re able to quickly deploy a select team from Ricoh’s exceptional corps of more than 17,000 experts, helping ensure our customers deliver the uptime required to meet their clients’ needs.”

According to Dale Walsh, Director of Innovation for Ricoh Service Advantage, “We’re committed to helping companies like NXT address their customers’ needs, by providing the highest level of service on their robots and helping ensure that their customers realize maximum uptime for their technology investment.”

Walsh also stated: “As a startup with early success, NXT has impressed our team with its leadership and pioneering vision, especially valued traits in this exceptionally fast-growing and uncharted technology.”

In August 2018, NXT announced a working partnership to provide on-site security robots and software technology to Ace Parking, a San Diego-based parking services firm with a network of nation-wide clients including major structures, stadiums and casinos.

About NXT Robotics: NXT Robotics is a San Diego, CA-based company that provides computer software for its Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), commonly known as robots, to support increased security monitoring and alerting requirements. Founded in 2014, the company’s unique autonomous platforms deliver security-related services while meeting performance and cost expectations for indoor and outdoor applications.

About Ricoh: Ricoh is empowering digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services enabling individuals to work smarter. For more than 80 years, Ricoh has been driving innovation and is a leading provider of document management solutions, IT services, commercial and industrial printing, digital cameras, and industrial systems. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group operates in approximately 200 countries and regions. In the financial year ended March 2018, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of nearly $20 billion.

Contact: NXT Robotics
Darin Andersen, CEO/Co-founder
NXT Robotics Corp
1855 First Avenue, Suite 102
San Diego, CA 92101
Call: 619-341-4086

Contact: Media/PR
John Freeman
Point PR Communications
Call: 619-274-2779

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San Diego Business Journal, Advancing to the next Sentry

San Diego — A former truck repair lot next to an unassuming three-bedroom on a backstreet in El Cajon has been transformed into a testing site for a two and a half foot tall, ATV-like robot that thanks to a pair of front-facing lights brings to mind the lovable Pixar character Wall-e.

But while its relatively cute, as robots go, no unsettling Boston Dynamics-esque vibes here, the four-wheeled machine weighs 200 pounds and comes equipped with a bullhorn night vision and thermal imaging capabilities, lidar to map surroundings and the potential to zoom for hours at upto 30mph.

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Indoor Robots Market Report

The qualitative research study conducted by HTF MI titled “China Indoor Robots Market Research Report 2018” provides primary Data, surveys, Scope of the Product and vendor briefings. The market dynamic forces have been determined after conducting a detailed study of the China Indoor Robots market. The study provides forecasts for Indoor Robots investments till 2022.

If you are involved in the Indoor Robots industry or intend to be, then this study will provide you comprehensive outlook. It offers a consequential analysis of the Indoor Robots company, key tactics followed by leading manufactures and trending segments.

Get the inside scoop of the Sample report @: 

The research study is segmented by Types [Medical Robot, Cleaning Robot, Entertainment Robot, Security & Surveillance Robot, Education and Research Robot, Personal Assistant Robot & Public Relation Robot] as well as Key Applications [Commercial & Residential] with historical and projected market share along with the growth rate, revenue figures and gross profit margin in tabular format which makes easy to understand product/service differences, market concentration rate and product distribution for past 5 years.

Major geographical regions like South China, East China, Southwest China, Northeast China, North China, Central China & Northwest China and leading players such as iRobot Corporation, Aethon, Ecovacs, Cobalt Robotics, SoftBank Robotics Group, GeckoSystems International Corporation, InTouch Technologies, Simbe Robotics, Inc., NXT Robotics Corporation & Omron Adept Technologies involved in this report. The report gives a clear idea about the growth factors, reasons for deterioration of China Indoor Robots in recent years and different opportunities and strategies to expand market.

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NXT Robotics Mentions



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NXT Robotics names cyber and technology expert Darin Andersen as CEO

“Security robotics is a technology whose impact will soon be virtually unlimited”

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – July 27, 2017) – NXT Robotics Corporation, a San Diego-based security company that combines physical security, cybersecurity, and autonomous vehicles into a single rugged, intelligent self-driving security platform to address multi-factor threats in today’s world, has named entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert Darin Andersen as Chief Executive Officer.

As CEO, Andersen oversees all aspects of NXT Robotics’ product testing, development and operations, along with sales and marketing.

“Throughout the tech world, Darin has become widely known as the ‘Cyber Guy’ who helped establish the San Diego region as a major hub and cluster of cybersecurity,” said Jeff Debrosse, Founder/Chief Technology Officer of NXT Robotics. “He brings us real-life experience not only as a startup entrepreneur, but as a far-sighted tech visionary.”

Andersen is a distinguished professional in the Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity with over 20 years of experience in emerging technology and security industries. He is Chairman/Founder of CyberTECH, a San Diego-based network of tech-inspired startups and established firms, business and financial leaders, academic and research institutions, government and non-profit organizations.

Andersen also founded CyberCalifornia, the Smart & Safe Cities Institute and serves as Co-chair of the Economic Development Subcommittee of the California Cybersecurity Task Force. In previous roles, Andersen served as Chief Operating Officer of ESET, the San Diego-based security firm that he helped establish as a globally recognized brand. He was also president of Norman Shark, a global provider of malware analysis solutions that later was acquired by Blue Coat Systems (now Symantec).

“As a new part of what’s being called physio-cybersecurity, our platform takes the realm of intelligent, proactive threat prevention to the next level,” said Andersen. “Our intelligent platforms are poised to change the way we get work done, led by a powerful set of capabilities that promise to transform today’s modern workforce. In our view, security robotics is a technology whose impact will soon be virtually unlimited.”

NXT Robotics is currently in stealth mode, developing two distinctly different Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) — “Scorpion” for outdoor and “IRIS” for indoor — which have proven to be an increasingly popular choice for security-conscious companies seeking maximum protection while lowering costs and ensuring consistent and high-quality protection.

Scorpion is a rugged all-terrain and all-weather robot that provides round-the-clock physical security monitoring and reporting. Shaped like its namesake insect and measuring 36″ in height, 24″ width and 60″ length, the 350-pound, six-wheeled mobile unit features a built-in bullhorn that can address intruders. A remote operator can also speak through the annunciator and listen via the on-board microphone.

IRIS is a mobile, single-stem, large-eyed indoor security robot with a striking resemblance to the character “ET” and is about four feet tall. Its uses are multiple: malls and technology and university campuses, commercial real estate, indoor parking structures, and venue security. Indoor security robots represent a class of collaborative robots (co-bots) that operate in tight and open spaces alongside people. Thus, robots are no longer restricted to “safety zones” — but are instead integrated into the organization’s daily workflow.

Product testing and feasibility studies of both applications are now underway, with commercial release expected by Q4 2017.

About NXT Robotics: NXT Robotics is a San Diego, CA-based company that provides Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), commonly known as robots, to support increased security monitoring and alerting requirements. Founded in 2014, the company’s unique autonomous platforms deliver security-related services while meeting performance and cost expectations for indoor and outdoor applications.

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